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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2016 7:00am-8:53am CDT

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good morning. the accused. at least four women have come forward claiming donald trp ina. some cim going backdecades. >> he was like he had six arms, all over the place. >> a claim of pageant contestants claiming he walked in on them as they were dressing, trump denying all of the allegations and threatening to sue as the actress who trump made lewd comments about gave an exclusive interview. >> do you accept his apology? >> that was an interesting apology. >> bng overnight. a u.s. war shipaunches
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for attempted strike on an american destroyer as the u.s. is drawn into yet another >> offs ,y;wo boston police officers in critical condition this morning after beinghot during a domestic distnce a manring body armor, shot and killed by other officers. >> a dazzling debut. a rookie hockey player scores not once, but four goals in his very first nhl game bringing his mom to tears creating a picture perfect moment today.
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thursday morning. i love hearing about that hocke game. i think this takes it beyond beginner's luck. >> how many times have you told me to watch out for this matthews guy. he will be a comer. >> he is fromhe area. >> playing for toronto. we'll have more on that game in a litlet'segin this thursday morning with politics. let's get to the state of the race 26 days to go until the election. four women have come forward accusing donald trump of inproper behavior incding kissin and groping. the trump campaign denies the accusations. >> a new blooer politics poll showing hillary clinton now with a nineoint peadictate of pennsya 51 to 42%. >> and for a third straight day, trump campaigns in florida before heading to ohio this afternoon hillary clinton is off the trail but the obamas will be
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it covered for you. the decision 2016 team is in place and let me start with hallie jackson. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi savannah. for days, donald trump has said that vulgar 2005 audio was locker room talk, words not actions. that is being disputed by the women coming forward. allegations trump and his campaign strongly deny >> overnight, a flood of new allegations, multiple women who say donald trump touched her kissed them inappropriately. >> he was like an octopus, like he had six arms. he was all over the place. >> reporter: jessica leeds tells the new york times that more than three decades ago she sat next to trump, a stranger on a flight when he began groping her. >> when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it.
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i was out of there. >> reporter: rachel crooks tells the times in 2005 when she was 22, she introduced herself to the businessman at trump towers. instead of a hand shake, he kissed her. there is natasha stoynoff, a writer for people magazine visiting mar-a-lago in 2005 for an interview with the trumps. a pregnant melania upstairs. down stairs, donald trump inviting her into a room. i turned around and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall tongue down my throat. nbc news has not independently verified the allegations against trump. all of the women going public after sunday night's debate when trump was pressed about his lewd comments during a 2005 access hollywood taping, a show owned by nbc universal. >> for the record, though, are you saying what you said on the bus 11 years ago, that you didn't actually kiss women without consent.
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women than i do. and women have respect for me. no, i have not. >> the trump campaign vigorously denying the new accusations. in a statement to nbc news, a trump advisor says for the new york times to launch a completely false coordinated characters assassination against mr. trump on a topic like this is dangerous. to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump trivializes sexual assault and sets a new low for where the media is willing to go in the election. regarding the people magazine reporter's accusation, a trump spokesperson says this never happened. there is not merit or vacity to this fictional story. why wasn't this reported at the time snl the women's new allegations building on others. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, temple taggert, 1997 miss utah recalls meeting donald trump at a pageant he owned.
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kiss on the lips. i remember being shocked. >> reporter: taggert tells nbc she didn't consider it assault, just awkward. >> how are you? hi. >> reporter: she became upset when she heard the vulgar audio emerge friday. >> i don't want to get emotional. it is really hard because you think of sending your little daughter out there, i'm sorry. with men like that that think like that. >> reporter: despite photos of trump and taggert together, trump tells nbc i don't know i don't even know who she is adding i emphatically deny this ridiculous claim. the trump campaign is now demanding a retraction of that new york times article, pointing to the timing of the publication just weeks before election day calling it politically motivated. lawyers now say more political action telling nbc they're
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>> hallie, thank you so much. we'll hear exclusively from arianne zucker, the actress at the center of the 2005 hot mike moment. >> let's bring in nicolle wallace and steve karnaki. you said it might be the low, the final straw. is this the final, final straw in this campaign? >> i should stop saying final, but i think that what i've never seen before, not just in politics but as a participant in this of the conversations is that a man comes out and confesses to sexual aggression and then women come out and detail say sexual aggression and then the man threatens to sue the women and the people who report on that, so i think he is in a pickle with voters. if he was the first one to describe his own sexual aggression. his own pattern of kissing before talking.
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anyone with kids knows that no means no. you teach children to talk about these things. he described sexual aggression without consent, without conversation and all of these stories, what they all have in common is sexual conduct, sexual aggression without any conversation. >> let's be devil's advocate. these are allegations. >> it is innocent until proven guilty. >> he has denied them. question is how trump defends them. if you're fending off sexual allegations in the final month he other issue. he could say this tape came out and now people are just following that script and saying oh, yeah, that is what happened to me. i can see the flip side of of the argument as well which is when he sat there and said i never did this. some women said enough, i'm coming out, yes, you did. >> he can say that. of course, the other thing is look at that defend. you have the statement from the trump campaign, you're reaching back ten, 20 years for allegations here. of that is part of the trump
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issue with hillary clinton. they're bringing up bill clinton, ten, 20, 30 years ago and trying to im apply indicate hillary clinton in that. it sort of takes the teeth out of the strategy of the trump campaign has been using to deflect some of this stuff. >> how does hillary clinton, how does the campaign deal with this? very, very carefully? >> very, very carefully. and i looked at where they're moving their money around and they're reaching into states like georgia and arizona. politically speaking, they're on thff a story that is about destroyed lives and about the potential of the allegations there, too. it transcends politics. there is no pleasure in the potential of sexual abuse or harassment coming out and going to war with donald trump. he is not some sort of soldier who fights fire with fire. he with a suicide bomber. you have to give these women, at least until more is known, the
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political fray. >> a lot for them to take on by becoming public and putting their names out there. there is no question about it. i mean, we have to look at this through the lenses of politics. steve, do you see the same dynamic at play that we've seen from the beginning with donald trump which is his true believers and supporters just really don't care and are not going to believe these allegations? >> and i think also there is a lot of anger at the media among his sort of core of supporters and this reenforces it. what both sides think of him, he is behind. the people he needs to win over are suburban women and they will be most affected by a story like this. >> steve, thank you so much. appreciate it. the clinton campaign is hitting trump hard over these latest accusations, even as it faces new trouble of its own. nbc's kristin welker is in las vegas with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you.
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is getting a big boost this morning. an endorsement from "the washington post" which writes she has the potential to be a great president and calling donald trump, quote, dreadful. all of this comes as her campaign is taking sharp new aim of the latest controversy enveloping donald trump. hillary clinton hitting her stride and hitting donald trump before a crowd in las vegas wednesday night. >> his campaign has said today that he has going to, and i strategy. whatever that means. that is how desperate they are. that is all they have left. >> and while she didn't directly mention the new allegations levelled against trump, she did slam him for his alleged treatment of women. >> you know, this latest incident about, you know, how he treats women, well, he has doubled down. he doubled down on his excuse that it is locker room talk.
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controversies head on saying these reports suggest that he lied on the debate stage and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape is more than just words. all this helping fuel the campaign's belief they may be able to expand the election map. clinton aides telling nbc news, they believe traditionally red states may be in play. >> we are competing everywhere and the polls are tightening because i think turn oupt as big of number as possible to reject the dark and decisive and hateful campaign that is being run by my opponent. >> reporter: but clinton is dealing with her own challenges. wikileaks releasing 1,700 new hacked e-mails wednesday. republicans pointing to one purportedly from jennifer palmeiri. their rich friend wouldn't
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evangelicals. house speaker paul ryan blasting the clinton campaign saying the disdain for evangelicals is staggering. >> i'm a catholic. i don't recognize the e-mail that we saw. and the effort is led by the russians. >> with the fbi saying it believes russia is responsible for prior hacks, clinton campaign chairman john also blaming russia for hacking his e-mail. noting this level of middling by a foreign power can only be aimed at boosting donald trump and should send chills down the spines of all americans. >> reporter: this morning, one of trump's top advisors from a new york mayor, rudy guiliani is apologizing after saying on wednesday hillary clinton falsely claimed she was in new york on september 11th,
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he said i made a mistake, i'm wrong and i apologize. secretary clinton fund raise, top surrogates will be out in force including the president, first lady and the vice president. >> kristin welker, thank you. another major story breaking this morning, the u.s. firing missiles at rebel held sites in yemen. let's get to the foreign correspondent richard engel with >> reporter: it does seem like the u.s. military is getting sucked into yet another conflict in the middle east. the pentagon announcing that u.s. war ships have launched tomahawk cruise missiles to destroy three radar sites along the coast of yemen in areas that are controlled by rebels. it is important to understand the context here. for about a year, saudi arabia has been at war with rebels in
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states. because of that support, anti-american and anti-saudi sentiment has been growing among the rebels and a few days ago, this weekend, the rebels allegedly lauhed an attack from their territory targeting a failed attempt to target u.s. war ships. the united states vowed it would respond mill tearily if this should ever happen again and yesterday, it did happen again. there was yet another failed attack on u.s. war red sea and what we saw early this morning was the u.s. military response. the u.s. saying it willtime. >> richard engel on th story, thank you. two police officers in boston are fighting for their lives after a dramatic shoot out with a man wearing body armor.
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responded to the scene last night in boston after two roommates got into an argument. one of roommates was wearing a ballistic vest and had an assault weapon. he opened fire on police. the big question is why. this morning, two police officers are struggling to survive. one of them shot multiple times during a domestic dispute turned gun fight. in a boston neighborhood late wednesday. >> i need all ten cars to respond to east boston. possible officers shot. >> reporter: two roommates were having an argument when one of the men pulled out a gun. when police arrived, the armed men began shooting at them and they returned fire. >> advising units at this time. shooter is still shooting. >> reporter: two officers seriously wounded in the exchange. >> need some more units that are free to assist with going to the hospital. >> reporter: authorities briefly locked down the neighborhood until s.w.a.t. officers shot the
7:17 am
the subject who was armed with some sort of assault rifle who also had on a ballistic vest. >> there was a lot of gunshots. over 30 gunshots. a bunch of police came in s.w.a.t. teams, the dogs, everybody. >> reporter: one of the officers has about 28 years on the police force and the second officer, a 12 year veteran. >> domestic calls are the most volatile. you never know what you're walking into and we see right now the dangers of our job. it is officers, i'm real proud of of the work they do day in and day out in keeping this city safe. >> reporter: one of those officers went in to surgery early this morning, both are in extremely critical condition. matt? >> tammy, thank you very much. we have new developments on the fiery plane crash in connecticut. a u.s. official says the crash appears to be a suicide. student pilot was killed tuesday
7:18 am
the flight instructor survived the crash but was badly burned. the official says the men had a fight inside that small plane and the instructor was unable to regain control from the trainee before it crashed. the fbi is now investigating. 7:18. let's check the weather. al is recovering from the knee surgery. dylan is on duty. hi. >> reporter: yesterday we pointed out hurricane nicole it exploded overnight. i mean it is a very major category 4 hurricane right now. look at the view international space station of of the storm. very close to bermuda and we'll see hurricane conditions in bermuda very shortly as they're already dealing with tropical storm force winds at this time. it is a major category 4 storm. it is going to track, if not over bermuda, very, very close to bermuda. winds are at 130 miles an hour. you can see the track takes it over very close to bermuda as winds might die down to about 120 miles an hour.
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foot storm surge and five to nine inches of rain. had it will weaken over the water. winds gusting up to 51 miles an hour. the codes in bermuda are tight so usually bermuda tends to fair pretty well in these situations but this is the first major hurricane seen come close to bermuda in some time. we'll see the hurricane force winds but it should start to improve as we go early into this evening as perhaps 7, 8:00 tonight. across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. no matter what you love, we'll help you style your home from floor to ceiling. now get up to $40 off our best paint via rebate and make your home happy,
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and that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up, a today exclusive. arianne zucker, one of the woman donald trump made offensive comments about on the leaked tape speaks out for the first time. >> a warning about so called sliders. how thieves are targeting unsuspecting women at the gas station and how you can protect
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back now, 7:30 on a thursday morning. the 13th day of october, 2016. we're throwing it back to the '70s with the beegees staying alive. the reason is that t barry gibb is stepping into our studio in a little while to perform for us in our 8:30 half hour. >> i'm so excited. >> it will be cool. really good. by the way, let's get a check of the headlines. the first headline is a musical audio headline. >> ? how does it feel? ?? >> bob dylan has won the nobel prize for literature.
7:31 am
for creating new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition so congratulations to bob dylan. >> back to politics, donald trump fighting back against new assault allegations. multiple women have come forward through the "new york times" and other publications in the last 24 to 48 hours claiming he touched and kissed them inappropriately years ago. trump's campaign is denying the allegations and demanding they retract the story and threatening nbc news has not independently confirmed any of the allegations. >> clinton's campaign released a statement against the allegations saying they suggest the behavior he bragged about is more than just words. >> here is today's campaign moment. tom brady, who trump has called a great friend was asked to weigh in on that 2005 access hollywood video that trump dismissed as locker room talk.
7:32 am
version of locker room talk? >> that response comes as several professional athletes have come forward dismissing trump's defense saying it does not take place in the locker room that they know of. >> also this morning, the woman that trump talked about in the 2005 tape is speaking out in her first interview since the controversy erupted and the tape was leaked. nbc's janet shamlian sat down specifically with her. >> she is a soap opera star thrust into a real life drama. arianne zucker was the woman he talked about. she discussed the comments he made about women and about her. >> arianne zucker played nicole walker on "days of our lives". >> the only way we'll make a mends is if i never see you again. >> her fictional character, she
7:33 am
anything like this. >> it feels surreal to be in it. i'm not quite sure -- >> it is zucker donald trump was referring to when he said this to billy bush on an access hollywood bus. >> i've got to use some tic tacs in case i'll be kissing her. when you're a star, they let you do that. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> the crude comments made moments before meeting her. >> hello. how are you? hi. >> nice to see you. >> the recording became public last week, instantly going viral and sending trump's campaign into crisis. >> do you find them offensive comments? >> they are offensive comments for women, period, yes. yes, they are. >> as a mother of a 6-year-old daughter, she had concerned but working in the entertainment industry, she says, the language didn't surprise her. >> you weren't shocked? >> not with that type of personality.
7:34 am
mean a lot to me. >> what about the role of billy bush. some people believe he egged it on. what is your reaction. >> who knows how he was feeling when he walked off the bus and what he needed to do in the relationship. when he came off the bus along with mr. trump, i had no feeling about professional. that is it. >> bush has been suspended by nbc news and has apologized for his role in the incident. >> that is better. >> zucker says she hasn't been able to turn on the television the past few days without seeing the video. at the set of her soap opera for a cameo. >> walker, walker. please. >> i'm a happily married man and if is a job you're looking for, i have all of the apprentices i need. >> donald trump issued an apology for what he described as locker room banter. do you accept his apology? >> it was an interesting apology. >> the actress says she is looking forward now, hoping to lead by example.
7:35 am
that if eve she gets put in a situation like mommy is right now, that she will hold her head high as well and if she learned anything from it, how can she share this with other women or young girls or whoever is around her, young boys even, i think young men can learn from this. of how not to be in front of women or when they're speaking about women. >> are you ready for this to go away? >> i'm ready to proper way. i'm ready to use it for positivity. i'm ready to use it for women to step forward and to do good things in my life and for other people. >> arianne zucker says she is planning to vote but won't say for whom. she also says she has not heard from donald trump nor from his campaign. matt and savannah, back to you. >> interesting, janet shamlian. >> let's turn to dylan and get
7:36 am
few days. a nice warm up is expected today. we should get into the 70s ahead of the cold front that is producing spotty showers from kentucky to southeastern ohio. buffalo, heavy pockets as well. it is a front that will move in. a lot of the rain fizzles out. keep the umbrella handy and you might run into spotty showers. back behind it, temperatures will drop down. back into the 60s. even though we'll be in the 70s
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>> and that is your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. just ahead, the new app that does your kids math homework for them. is this high-tech cheating? >> the rossen reports that all women and men need to see. >> the crime hitting across the country. thieves targeting women while pumping gas and what they're doing is coming to the other side of the car, sneaking in, and getting all of inside before you even know it. we'll show you how they're doing it and how to protect yourself, next. ?? ?? one smart choice leads to the next. ?? the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice.
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7:41 on a thursday. we're back with rossen reports. he is talking about a crime that targets women at gas stations. >> national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here to show us what the thieves are up to. >> these thieves are unscrupulous. they steal your stuff from underer nose. you don't even know you're a they're call sliders. they slide into your car quickly and race away with your bag, anything. they went into hiding for awhile but police tell me the sliders are back with all new cases across the country. this morning, you're about to see them in action. you're watching a brazen crime in progress. see this woman pumping gas off to the side? now watch this silver car pull up next to her, just like any other customer.
7:43 am
gas, watch, the thief crouches down, opens her passenger door, slides in and grabs her purse. the entire crime takes 19 seconds. police call these crooks sliders. >> this is the lowest of the low. before the victim knows, they're looking for their purse it is gone. they pull into a gas station and look for a victim. a woman pumping gas by herself. i see one right here. in this case it is my producer lindsey. they pull up along side and no one would even notice. you're pump. they call them sliders, they slide out and stay beneath the door frame so no one on the other side can see me. open the door up and here is the pocketbook right here. i grab the bag, close the door, slide back into my own car, no one is any the wiser and boom, i have her bag and i'm out of here. how longid that take? just seconds. i'm gone. now watch the same demonstration from lindsey's point of view.
7:44 am
right there, do you see that? no? look closer. i opened her passenger door. you can barely see it. here, i'll highlht it. see it now? i get her bag, close the door and speed away. did you hear the door open or close when i came in? >> no. i knew you were coming and i didn't see or hear anything. there are cars around. i didn't notice a thing. >> reporter: there are new cases across the country. just weeks ago in south florida, watch this man snatch the victim's p seat. by the time she notices, he is racing away but she chases him down, climbing on his car and hitting him with her wallet. she tumbles off. thankfully she is okay but he gets away. in detroit, another new case, this thief waits until the woman is looking at the pump and strikes right there. >> best advice is to lock the
7:45 am
if you see somebody slide out, get a license plate, things that can help us put the bad guys away. >> we were saying, don't mess with the woman who jumped on the car. police are targeting women who leaveags on the seatwallets, keys, on the side. it is not just for women. this is for men, too. leave nothing on that front seat. >> the woman who jumped on the car, yeah, brave, but that could >> thankfully she is okay. >> jeff, thank you. the arizona teen who just had the greatest start to an nhl career ever. >> the hotel hero. carson has dramatic video of a man who raced into action to save this dog.
7:46 am
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about tempur-pedic mattresses... is that they contour to your body. it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. change your sleep, change your life... change to tempur-pedic. to sleep happy guaranteed, and zero percent apr financing, visit mattress firm. 7:50. 7:50. we've got a dramatic rescue caught on tape. >> an incredible video of a fast acting hotel guest dog. it has a lot of people online absolutely in awe this morning. look at the footage. there is the surveillance. you can see a hotel guest get on the elevator with his leashed dog but the dog doesn't follow close enough ended up trapped on the other sides of the doors. there is ben duke stepping out of a storage closet. see the dog, springs into action, snaps the leash, frees the dog just in time. duke said the dog was scared. scrapped him on the face but obviously the outcome could have
7:51 am
online 50,000 times. the view counts are going up. this dog has a guardian angel. ben duke. many are calling duke a hero. he said he did what anybody would have done in that situation. this have very dramatic image for our puppy charlie. later today, show charlie the video. >> such a good if you take your dog on the elevator, make sure it is right behind you. >> quick reflexes in a pinch. >> it wasn't a leather leash, he snapped that thing quick. >> amazing. >> carson, thank you very much. just ahead, al's road to recovery. he will walk us through his knee replacement surgery from start to finish. >> all right. this is a throw back thursday and barry gibb will be here to perform one of the beegee's biggest hits. first, your local news and
7:52 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, flood of accusations. the trump campaign reacts after multle women come forward claiming donald trump made unwanted advances. >> he turned to me and me and gave me a kiss on the lips. and i remember being shocked. >> the candidate denying their accounts as hillary clinton deals with yet another e-mail controversy. plus, roker's recovery. we're going to check in with al and see how he's feeling as he begins rehab after knee replacement surgery. ? jive talkin' ??
8:01 am
beegees. we're going to catch up with the one and only barry gibb as he talks about relaunching his legendary career "today," october 13th, 2016. ?? >> good morning from east minnesota shriners! >> celebrating 50 years in the city from st. louis, missouri! >> happy birthday, matthew! woo-hoo! ?? >> celebrating 50 years in new york city from minnesota. >> mom's turning 80 on "today"! woo! it's 8:00 on "today," thursday, october 13th, 2016. a beautiful fall day.
8:02 am
blue skies. we have just a great morning all fired up here. >> they're so noisy out here. we have barry gibb here! >> i know, i am so excited. i love the beegees. >> going to do an old song and he's going to do a new song as well. just ahead, we also have giada but first, a check of the "news at 8." i'm andrea mitchell in washington. with the election now only 26 days away, donald trump's campaign pushing back hard today against multiple reports of alleged inappropriate behavior toward women. this morning, more women are coming forward to accuse donald trump of bad behavior dating back years. trump denies every sexually assaulting anyone and in the debate sunday night, the republican nominee claimed his
8:03 am
"access hollywood" tape, which is owned and distributed by nbc universal, parent of nbc news and msnbc, was just locker room talk. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i just start kissing them. >> have you ever -- >> women have respect for me. i will tell you -- no, i have not. >> reporter: this morning, a front page story in the "new york times" quotes a passenger who sat next to trump on a plane 35 years ago saying he groebed her. >> he was like an if he had stopped with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset. when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. >> reporter: the "times" also reports rachel crooks, a receptionist at trump tower in 2005, accuses trump of inappropriately kissing her on the mouth. in a statement, the trump campaign denies the "times" story. "this entire article is fiction and for "the new york times" to launch a completely false,
8:04 am
on a topic like this is dangerous." others are also stepping forward. a former miss utah, temple taggart mcdowell, telling nbc news she met trump for the first time at a pageant rehearsal in 1997. >> he turned to me and embraced me and gave me a kiss on the lips. i remember being shocked. >> reporter: in a written statement, trump says i don't even know who she is. i emphatically deny this ridiculous claim. nbc news cannot verify any of these accusers' claims. rens night hillary clinton took a jab at trump. >> this latest incident about how he treats women. well, he's doubled down. he doubled down on his excuse that it is just locker room talk. >> reporter: her communications director adding in a written statement, "these reports suggest that he lied on the debate stage, and that the disgusting behavior he bragged
8:05 am
vice president job weighing in on seth meyers calling trump's remarks on the "access hollywood" tape -- >> absolutely outrageous behavior. >> today a lot of white house firepower with clinton, the president, vice president and first lady all campaigning for her. michelle obama will be in new hampshire where she is expected to raise the issue of trump's behavior toward women. trump will rally in two crucial for him, florida and ohio. wells fargo's ceo, with john stump, recently -- or suddenly resigned on wednesday amid mounting criticism from the public and members of congress. wells fargo's been under fire since last month when it admitted it created as many as 2 million phony bank and credit card accounts without customer permission. no criminal charges have been filed but wells fargo has agreed
8:06 am
with the federal government. chief operating officer tim sloan will become the new ceo. coming up next, is it just a fancy new way to cheat? wait until you see how this app will do your kids' math for them. then, al's first steps on his new knee as he recovers from surgery. and, barry gibb taking over
8:07 am
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? you should be dancin' ? ? yeah ? our special today is the seared ahi tuna, and i'll be right back to take your order. thank you. thanks. don't you hate that?
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do. maybe that's why i always make sure to... ...?bring up the costs associated with your services.? i know. hey, i'm nothing if not predictable. lemme guess, the salmon? being transparent about our costs. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. . good times are >> what song is that that you are singing? >> solutions by lady gaga. >> nice. okay. i love this story, talking about making an entrance. toronto maple leafs player, auston matthews, remember that name. he's a rookie, first player to ever score four goals in a professional debut. he was responsible for every single one of the maple leafs goals. he's just 19.
8:10 am
look at her excitement. she can't believe it, that's my kid right there. by the way, four goals, auston, amazing, but they still lost 5-4. >> you think it's -- >> he's from the desert, from arizona. >> isn't that where the best hockey players come from? >> that's why he was so good. so happy to practice on something cold. he's like i'll practice all day. >> if a hat trick is three, what's it called for four? >> you get the scarf as well. and the mittens. i'm not sure. great job for auston matthews. you guys good at math in school? >> up until like sixth grade. >> no? no? well, there is a new app that's getting popular with struggling math students and it's got a lot of schools very unhappy. it's called photo map. let me tell you, a lot of people
8:11 am
here's what you do. you use your phone and you actually take a picture of a math problem -- >> wait. you're doing it right now. >> i'm doing it right now. and it actually gives you the answer. >> no! >> here we go. here is the next one. >> that's a hard one. >> wait until you get the equals sign in there. you don't do anything. it is supposed to just -- >> does it work on word >> there we go. >> wow! >> there is even a portion of it where you can push a button and it will show you the work. >> that's what they need to see, the work. >> that's amazing! >> does it work on word problems like one train's going one direction -- >> i wish. >> you can't have your phones in school, but -- >> teachers see kids like this. >> but on homework? things like that? >> think of how much easier your lives will be when you don't have to do your kids' homework. >> not a good idea.
8:12 am
there is another thing we're going to forget to learn how to do. >> in 60 years, what are we -- we're going to be using our phones on hoverboards, we won't be walking, talking, adding, reading. >> many people said that about the calculator. remember when you used to use the abacus in sorry. >> rocks in the sand. >> bail me out, carson. first up, sara paulson, one of the stars of "the people versus o.j. simpson" revealed she's she's actually one of the only people who's not seen sh she won an ey for her part in the series. she says that's all the validation she needs. she was saying people were so happy with her performance, she says if she watched it she would rip it to shreds. she says she's on a kick now of not watching her work. most recently on "american horror story." you like guys to watch yourselves on tv? >> i hate it. >> i can't stand my own voice. >> justin timberlake's got a new concert documentary out on
8:13 am
got a special delivery. tweeting out "who wants pizza tonight? #timber lame lake and chill. lucky fans who used that hashtag got a knock on their door and received a free pizza courtesy of netflix. he even showed up and delivered a cheese pie to somebody. good idea. finally, we should have known shia la beouf's wedding would have a bit of a twist. earlier this week, it was reported that the 30-year-old actor was reported to have tied the knot. they a complete with gown and elvis impersonator. they didn't actually legally get married. the clark county office tweeted out we show no records for a ceremony. a commitment ceremony was performed, #vegas. >> i got it. even when the county clerk puts in a hashtag. >>hat means just stop calling us. > as you know, al's not here, he's recovering from knee replacement surgery. >> let's put up this shot right
8:14 am
he is joining us at the hospital for special surgery which is a fantastic facility. al, how you feeling? >> i'm feeling great, thanks to this terrific team here, including my physical therapist. i'm going to take some steps here. the only way i can get out of here is when wei says i can walk. >> pretty much. >> pretty much. that's right. this has been 15 years in the sooner or later, i was going to have to face the moment of truth. and wei. >> thank you. sometimes your body talks to you. mine was yelling at me that i needed to do something about my knee. you may have even noticed, i've had a harder time getting around lately. my right knee was worn out. i knew it. i'be through this before. >> what's going on with your knee? looking at they x-rays -- >> reporter: in 2001 i got my left knee replaced, a casualty from a lingering injury from a
8:15 am
due to complications, i was in the hospital for 11 days and after some tough rehabilitation, back on the air after a month. >> you've got to get the other one done but don't do it too soon. because we missed you. >> no, no, i'm going to put it off. >> reporter: i put it off 15 years. maybe too long. in that time i'd had another big surgery, gastric bypass. i've made a lot of changes to stay healthy. finally, it's time to address my knee. >> what are you here for? what's going on? >> i'm getting a right knee replaced. >> reporter: at new york's hospital for special surgery, they put me through a battery of tests before the surgery this past tuesday. ahead of the procedure, i spoke with my surgeon. dr. david niemann. he's seen younger patients. >> you're in a generation of people that have been told all theilife, stay active,tay fit, go to the gym, work out. some people are wearing their joints out earlier, and not wanting to give up those activities. >> reporter: on the day of the surgery --
8:16 am
checking things. the doctor signs off making sure everyone in the operating room knows which knee is the right knee to fix. >> bye-bye. >> love you. >> reporter: the surgery removes damaged bone and tissue, capping the thigh and shin bones with specially designed metals and plastics. my procedure takes just over an hour. >> people get back to a lot more than they used to. people ski. people golf. people play tennis. peoplee. people swim. that being said, we still don't suggest that they get into high-impact activities. >> reporter: the following morning, it's tough getting out of bed and the hard work is just beginning. my first steps on the new knee put me that much closer to recovery. so, i am now on a cane. if i can do this -- and a lot of people think it's about putting all your weight on the cane. it's just for balance, right?
8:17 am
just steer in case you need it but you're not supposed to put your weight on it. the more weight you put on, the greater chance of falling. >> guys, 15 years ago i had metal staples and it was major deal. this is basically super glue. derma bond that puts together. it's like crazy glue. it is a pretty cool thing. the doctor did an amazing job. >> does it hurt, al? >> no, it doesn't hurt. i can feel some pressure, but all the folks here keep coming up, that is beautiful! >> you are beautiful. >> when are you coming back to us, al? >> well, all things being equal, i'm hoping monday, may 24. >> may? >> not may! >> that's a long time. >> no. no. no. more drugs! no. october 24th. >> october. >> october 24th. >> all right. you scared all of us there, al. >> keep walking but take it easy. all right?
8:18 am
too. >> feel better. >> we love you. >> love you guys. >> see you soon. >> it is amazing how much they encourage activity on it so close to the surgery. they want you to get on it. >> but he looks good. really strong. >> especially if he's putting his weight on his knee and not the cane. incredible. >> miss dylan? >> yes. so clearly we know where al is. so i'll handle the weather right now. we are watching a series of storms making their way onshore in the pacific northwest. this could be an historic event, especially as we go into the weekend. not only are we looking at a lot of rain, but hurricane-force winds possible. we have high-wind warnings from seattle to the coast of oregon, stretching down into northwestern parts of california. but also the higher elevations, too. we could see 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts tonight and into tomorrow. gusts along the beaches could be as high as 75 miles per hour. that's just storm number one. we have a second storm that's going to move in over the weekend, and that one has the potential perhaps of producing wind gusts along the beaches of 100 miles per hour, and we could
8:19 am
per hour farther inland. this is going to be a big event with several inches of rain. look ajust the first two or we could seup to seven to more than ten inches of rain possible. we have to keep a close eye on that for the possibility of some flooding. but it is really the winds that could create widespread power outages. again, as of right now, there are three storms on the horizon, the first one moving in today. it is a chilly start through the upper midwest anrt only in th50s for highs later on this afternoon. we could see a few spotty lighter showers in the northeast
8:20 am
>> and don't forget to check out our sirius xm channel 108. savannah? >> dylan, thank you so much. friendly reminder, there are only 72 days left until christmas. just this morning, amazon is out with its holiday toy list, one of many retailers rolling out the top picks. >> megan editor of "good housekeeping." our kids are like the exact same age. where do you want to start? >> these came out just last week. they're $59.99. they're already temporarily out of stock in most places. these are creatures inside a magical egg and they respond to touch. the more you love them and touch them, the quicker they come out of their shell. >> so you hold them -- >> oh, my gosh! >> do they reload?
8:21 am
and love. you take it from toddler, to baby to full blown hatchimal. this is what happens when they hatch. >> super cute. >> how long does it take? >> it takes about 25 minutes of active play for it to full emerge. if you want to hold it. >> okay. i'll hold it. >> these are one of the best sellers la y club. little ingredients. for the first time they all work together to create recipes. there is an app on the bottom. you scan it and they come to life. how cool is that? >> that is cool. >> look at these teeny things. >> the play sets start at $11.99. this is my robot boyfriend, cosmo. he is not out until friday. $179.99. he was created by pixar and dreamworks animators. he literally learns you.
8:22 am
say your name. he will play with you. he's incredible. i'm in love with him. he replaces a dog as far as i'm concerned. >> $180. >> if you have talented artist on your hands? >> there is a 3-d doodler. this was a "good housekeeping" toy test winner. 3-d printers are crazy expensive. this is $50. you put in the plastic stick. it works a little bit like a glue gun and you can create these amazing creations. our good housekeeping toy tester said it took a little bit of time to get the hang of it but once they did, it was so >> what's the age group? >> 8-plus. >> is it glue? >> it's like a glue stick. it gets hot but we even tested it on skin. no burn. completely fda approved. really fun, safe toy. >> okay. play sets. >> everybody's got a favorite franchise. my little pony, this was the explore equistryia, crystal palace castle on the amazon hot toy list today. it is going to be hard to get.
8:23 am
characters. my daughter loves this swing. >> what do you do if you just can't get it? such a hot toy, you can't find it? >> they're going to restock. you want to put your name on an e-mail list for alerts. just watch, watch, watch. that's why. you have 72 days. this is the batman or superman ultimate castle. it is walmart, $99. there was only one in stock last night. it is bigger than me. >> look at that. 20-year anniversary. this is new from the new nintendo. two new games, moon and the sun, not even out until november 18th. this is such a super sneak preview, there may not even be a game in there -- yet. the cool new thing about it is, you create your own trainer. that looks like savannah and carson. you put the hair color. the outfit. new pokemon in there, too. >> i'm so skinny. >> you can preorder these now
8:24 am
we were talking about skylanders. >> my son loves skylanders. this is the newest thing. this is not out until sunday. $75 for the starter kit. the cool thing is this has a skylanders creator app. he's doing his christmas shopping. >> he is. >> don't worry about me, megan. >> skylanders. there is a skylanders creator app so you can create your characters on the go and even turn them into t-shirts and characters. who does not want a toy? >> that's a tesla? >> oh, my gosh! >> is he's one of our toy testers at "good housekeeping." this is a collaboration from radio flyer and tesla. it's got all the bells and whistles. >> o.m.g. >> i need this! >> it has a sound system. >> come on! >> you're kidding me. >> you need to preorder this now. >> how much is it? just be honest. >> it's $500. but who doesn't want a car for christmas, right?
8:25 am
it is the ultimate "it" gift. >> how fast does it go? >> that is incredible. >> can you go in reverse? um -- >> it's got an 80-pound limit but i may or may not have squeezed into it. it goes really fast. >> i think carson is going to drive it right out of this studio. >> probably. >> megan, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> oh, it goes faster? >> we'll drive it ng we're going to pat you down after this. >> for more of these toys, go to thank you very much. giada's in the kitchen with a
8:26 am
8:27 am
i'm...vince vitrano brian
8:28 am
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8:30 am
? we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 13th day of october, 2016. it is a beautiful day here in new york. we're hoping it's nice where you're waking up as well. we've got charlie out on the plaza and a great crowd here in new york city. and we can barely contain our excitement because we have the one and only, barry gibb here. he's going to perform a beegees
8:31 am
>> what is he going to perform? do we know? >> yes. >> what? >> don't tell me. >> you want to be surprised? >> by the way, his first new album in more than 30 years. >> i love him. another big concert tomorrow. >> who? >> we are so excited. kings of leone. get here early. get ready to rock. love that band. >> wow. pork chops? >> i do! >> giada's in the kitchen. we can smell it. it's going to be delicious. >> that's the best part of the chop. >> the gnawing. before we get to weather, dylan showed us a picture in the orange room of her throwback thursday. look at this photo. you ve to explain it. it is like your parents' defense mechanism. when boys chase you. how old are you there? >> i think i was a freshman in high school. i was on my way to a school
8:32 am
>> is that dress actually made of the leaves? >> it sure looks like it. there was a dress underneath. that was the jacket. my mom thought, look how nice it will look with the leaves in the background. i mean, it is an exact match. >> we might only see your head floating. >> if you were wearing those as pants, we'd evenly see your head. >> we'll have more pictures from dylan's childhood tomorrow. >> the glasses in most of the pictures are just -- yeah. they're embarrassing. >> you want to do a check of the weather? >> for fall. right? that's what that was for. let's look at what's going on this weekend. on friday we are still looking at that rain potential especially in the pacific northwest where we could see flooding rain and very gusty winds, hurricane force in some spots along the immediate coastline. on saturday we're going to see extreme winds again, we could see up to 100-mile-per-hour
8:33 am
mild temperatures in the 70s and 80s even down through southern plains on saturday. looks nice in the northeast. looks very unsettled on sunday. i want to point out, we'll see most of those showers across the western great lakes sunday morning, then they'll move east as we go into the afternoon. it is just a cold front and once it passes through, still me heavy rains in the paci >> we're celebrating a big anniversary on the plaza. 50 years? >> 50 years. >> i love this!
8:34 am
jackson, minnesota >> westburg, minnesota. >> where was yr honeymoon? >> colorado springs. >> your 50th wedding anniversary celebration in new york city. >> yes. >> well, congratulations. any secrets you want to share? >> lucky, lucky. >> thank you so much. guys? >> dylan, thank you so much. this week on "today food," we are all about fresh fall produce. today's contributor giada knows how to put it to good use. she is in town for this weekend food and wine festival. you are cookling tonight? >> i am cooking tonight and tomorrow night. >> is that pressure? >> tonight it is a little easier because i am making sandwiches. you can make hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them in advance, so that's great. tomorrow is a little more pressure. >> okay. we have a couple dishes today. the first is a porkchop. it smells divine. tell me about the ingredients first. >> these are pork chops
8:35 am
a little sweet and sour sauce on the pork chops, so it keeps them moist. i get them at about one to two inches in thickness, the pork chops. keep them nice and moist. pomegranates for decoration. butter, balsamic vinegar. i make a little glaze. you can kind of smell it right here. balsamic vinegar, thyme and garlic. honey to sweeten. and thicken it a bit. let it cook down for about three minutes together. then finish it with cold butter. >> it has to be w >> because it thickens the sauce. >> room temp wouldn't do it? >> no. that's what you want to do. it basically will just melt faster and thicken the whole thing. when it thickens, what we do is in the meantime, season some pork chops. you said you like pork chops, right? >> i love pork chops. you do salt and pepper, nothing fancy. do you do both sides? >> yeah. as long as the grill's nice and hot --
8:36 am
oil. not a lot. the more fat you put on it, the more it is going to just basically cause a bunch of steam and heat. you're just going to basically cook it about five minutes per side. then once you flip it, you start to glaze it. you don't want to glaze it yet. you want to flip it and glaze it. then you just glaze it for another five minutes on the opposite side. look how gorgeous it looks. >> you glaze, then take it right >> yeah. >> there is only one thing we need to do, and that's ask our taste testers downstairs. >> i have to say, pork chops are my absolute favorite. >> can you hear them? >> i miss the bone. >> they didn't give you the bone. i don't know why. because the bone is the best part. sometimes pork chops tend to get
8:37 am
>> it is kind of fragrant almost. >> sweet but also a bit of a bite from the balsamic vineg. >> you guys liked it, right? >> mm. yes. >> next dish is perfect fall dish. farro. yes. >> next dish is perfect fall dish. farro. >> this is all about mushrooms and leeks. i already browned the mushrooms. put leeks in a pan. farro is a grain kind of like ric rice. it's like a risotto but made with farro. toast that up. add white wine just like making a risotto. you let that cook down for a minute. to kind of cut down time, i like to add the brought, the warm brought, a little bit me than just a cup at a time. that way it doesn't take so long to cook. >> are you calling ts side? >> this can be an entree, yeah. but it can also be a side with the pork chops.
8:38 am
entree. it cooks down, ends up looking like this. >> any tricks? i know risotto can be kind of tricky in terms of not getting it overcooked. >> this you cannot overcook. that's the great thing about using farro and it is better for you,really, because it has more fiber. parmesan cheese and a little bit of pecorino. one-third cup of each. finish it off with a little bit of butter. frozen peas, because i love peas. >> taste testers, how do you like the >> it's got such a nice bite. >> definitely has more of a chew than rit soto. it's very fall. >> it is very fall! feels like so cozy. giada, thank you so much. she's going to stick around and answer our questions on and on our facebook page. up next, barry gibb performing a beegees classic for us.
8:39 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. it is a throwback thursday and we've got one of the best ones you could imagine. we're all going way back to the 1970s for some "jive talking" straight from the beegees catalog of hits. ladies and gentlemen, barry gibb. ?? ? it's just your jive talkin' you're telling me lies ? ? yeah, jive talkin' you wear a disguise ? ? c'mon, jive talkin' so misunderstood ? ? jive talkin' you're really no
8:42 am
just what you mean to me ? ? oh, my child you got so much you going to take away my energy ? ? with all your je talkin' telling me lies ? ? good lovin' still gets in my eyes ? ? nobody believes what you say ? ? it's just your jive talkin' that gets in the way ? ?? is ?? ? oh my love you're so good treating me so cruel ?
8:43 am
leaving me lookin' like a dumb struck fool ? ? all your jive talkin' telling me lies yeah ? ? jive talkin' you wear a disguise ? ? jive talkin' so misunderstood ? ? jive talkin' ? ? you just ain't no good ? ?? ?? ??
8:44 am
jive talkin' telling me lies ? ? good lovin' sti gets in my eyes ? ? nobody believes what you say ? ? it's just your jive talkin' that gets in the way ? ?? ? jive talkin' ? ? so veryin ? ?? ?? ??
8:45 am
?? ??
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welcome back. barry gibb has been a mainstay in music for more than five decades from the legenry group the beegees to his award winning rk as a solo artisand producer. wi more than 220illion albums sol he is ready to add to that number with his first new album in 30 years lled "in the now." rry gibb, welcome back. 32 years is a long time. a lohas happened during that period of time. why now? >> well, i didn't want to sit around any longe i had the need to play. it's always been more important than anything else. as far as i don't know what else to do, so this is it. i lo music and i love making records. >> you didn't just pull the title "in the now" out of thin air. from what i understand -- >> yes, i did. >> from what i understand, it is out your lifin the present. what jumps out? >> what jumps out? >> yeah. about your life right now. >> my personal sort of defiance of time. i don't -- i've given up on
8:49 am
i feel like age is a number. and if you feel vital about what you're doing, as my wife said, get on with it. >>ou have always been known as making family music. we allnow. we all love the beegees. but it is still a family affair for you. >> it still is. my eldest son, steven. this is my gang. it's like family. we've been everywhere together. and we're going to continue to do so. >> what are you going to play for us? >> what are we going to play? "in the now." >> perfect. great to have you back. ladies and gentlemen, barry gibb.
8:50 am
? all i tnk about is yesterday ? ? i need you here in the now ? ? in my hea in my soul in the now ? ? in my heart in my soul in the now ? ? i said itaby b ? ? all my life was so wrapped up ? and i could only wish ? ? that you could feel the way i do ? ? i found a love ? ? and i can't get enough ? ? to have you suddenly ? ? standing right in front of me ? ? may be lonely but i'm not alone ? ? and we don't knee
8:51 am
moan ? ? you speak the pleasure within ? ? in my heart ? ? in my soul ? ? in the n ? ? in meart ? ? in myoul ? ? in the now ? ? w claimed last summer darrellen ? ? you ga way ? ? love i like it ? ? we got no shame ? ? and time is standing still ? ? all my life ? ? i never felt thisay before ? ? i'm learnin' what never ? ? you were what i'm searching for ? ? in my heart ?
8:52 am
? in my heart ? ? in my soul ? ? in the now ? ? i may be lonely but i'm not alone ? ? and we don't need conversation ? ? inhe t now ? ?'mnl happy when i hear you moan ? ??
8:53 am
8:54 am
. > i love this par o the show. s0i see who we ar celebrati on our smucker's jars today. first off, esther colin of hershey, pennsylvania. her secret to longevity, i love this, bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning, as you should. it this jazz musician is from florida. he played the trumpet, drums and guitar, also performed as a professional dancer. lots of talent.
8:55 am
includes can i of honolulu. she'selebrating her birthday with a big luaurty. this dallas cowboys fs from texas, and 's a wld w ii veteran, so thank you for your service. ellyn is is 00 years old, honored as the oldest worker at her town senior center when she was 92 years old. sale had ello, happy 75th rlelenexa, kansas. donforget, if you know someone turning 100, tel us all out them on the united states navy, 241 years old, happy?x birthday to e navy andse who serve. >> absotely. what do you have coming up in. dr. oz will help you get a
8:56 am
corey feldman returns with a live perfmance. we'r excitedorat. >>nd today's take. chitchat. >> yes. >> that's what you do. >> that's what we do. >> we should chat about whatever we field like. >> a lot of fun, coming up in a few minutes. first your local news and weather. i know what you're going to chat about, because you don't --
8:57 am
8:58 am
football fan rage leading to charges for a 21 year old madison man. he's accused of in inflatable yard decoration... and then... carving up the guy who owns it. david moschel went out to confront the vandal... who then attacked him... stabbing him multiple times. the suspect now facing a possible 12-now facing a possible 12-years-in prison if convted. thvikings have made a hero of schel
8:59 am
i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie and one snack box. can i keep the walnuts? sold. but i get to pick your movie. can i pick the genre? yes, but it has to be a comedy. a little cash back on the side. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. throw. it's more than cash back.
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make sure you get the perfect family portrait. plus celebrate in style with your girlfriends. a o has a plan for your next party. a difference between sleep and rest. >> why you need rest and how to get more of it every day n ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? i get to raise the roof because bango is here. >> what up? [laughter] >> there's your milwaukee -- >> can you smell it a little coffee. a little bailey's. >> you seems like somebody that doesn't need caffeine right


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